5e8f6f_829021b758f44708b5c1028d41535e23Joan Tabachnick holds an MPPM from the Yale School of Organization and Management. Her unique background blends expertise in management, strategic planning, public dialogue, and social marketing. Over her career she has designed programs and products for children’s and women’s issues in local, regional, national and international settings.

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Joan’s primary work is in the area of sexual violence prevention and she is currently a fellow with the Department of Justice SMART Office. Once a year she joins with Jane Fleishman, who is a consultant in evaluation and training and has a doctorate in human sexuality, in a “joy” project through DSM Consulting. We both believe that Joan’s dad would be thrilled that DSM was continuing and working with social change organizations.

DSM Consulting:

5e8f6f_2942c65b43fe4cb08f8e2e2be300b3ffJoan brings a strong background in volunteer and community service work. Her dad, who passed away in 2001, believed in local community involvement in addition to his work as a pharmacological researcher. When her mom was deciding what to do with his letterhead after his death, she asked Joan about recycling it as Joan was then just starting her own consulting business. Joan jumped on the chance to continue her dad’s legacy. DSM went from Drug Safety Management to a quote her daughter said when she was 9 years old, “Do Something and Mean it.

Joan Tabachnick: